Organizational Structure

Emergency Response Organizational Structure of Khmelnitsky NPP is as follows:
• on-site emergency response manager;
• KhNPP emergency committee (staff);
• emergency preparedness and response office;
• KhNPP emergency response groups and brigades.

Overall number of emergency personnel at KhNPP amounts to 685 people.

General director of KhNPP is on-site emergency response manager. He takes full responsibility for the mitigation of accident consequences and protection of personnel at KhNPP. He carries out overall management of actions performed by KhNPP emergency response personnel and takes the lead of emergency response staff (emergency response committee at KhNPP).

In case of accident at KhNPP plant shift supervisor fulfills functions of emergency response manager before assuming the responsibility by General Director or deputizing officers.

Emergency Response Manager Staff (Emergency Response Committee at KhNPP) has been set up to:
assess the extend of accident, its propagation and consequences;
• organize mustering and transportation of KhNPP emergency response groups and brigades;
• manage actions of KhNPP emergency response groups and brigades on mitigation of accident consequences and performance of other response measures;
• organize protection of personnel;
• issue recommendations to protect public;
• materiel support for emergency response;
• organize protection of KhNPP, and radioactive contamination areas;
• interact with emergency response committees of NNEGC Energoatom, Emergency  Technical Center, Separate Entity “Atomremontservis”, other NPPs involved into the support;
• cooperate with anthropogenic and ecological safety committees at Khmelnitsky and Rivne Region, and Netishyn local council,  Head office of State Emergency Response Service at Khmelnitsky and Rivne regions, and State Regulatory Authority for Nuclear and Radiation Safety;
• issue bulletins, requests for support for KhNPP, orders, directives, and press-releases.

Emergency preparedness and response office is a structural unit responsible for emergency preparedness and response. Main objective of this office is to prepare and fulfill measures on ensuring emergency preparedness at KhNPP.

KhNPP emergency groups and brigades are directly involved into mitigation of accident consequences and protection of personnel. KhNPP emergency groups and brigades fall into general-purpose and special-purpose type.