Protection of Personnel and Public

KhNPP emergency response system provides for the implementation of measures aimed at radiation protection of personnel and public and deliver required medical support.

KhNPP carries out the following to protect public:

1 Conduct dosimetry control of public exposure including the following:
  • Perform enhanced monitoring of radiation indicators of the environment and public exposure in the surveillance area;
  • Predict radiation exposure dose of the public in the surveillance area;
  • Assess the extend of releases and discharges to the environment.

2 Inform national and local executive bodies and local governments about the results of radiation monitoring of the environment and exposure of public in the surveillance area, forecast of public exposure.

3 Provide recommendations to territorial and local executive bodies on the application of emergency and immediate countermeasures to protect public (restriction on stay outdoors and food restrictions, sheltering, use of PPE, use of potassium iodine, and necessity of evacuation).