Emergency Preparedness

The following measures are carried out to ensure emergency preparedness:

• analyze additional initial events which can result in an accident at KhNPP during construction and commissioning of new radiation hazardous facilities, and classify accident  attributes;

•  availability of on-site and off-site emergency response centers at KhNPP equipped in compliance with the requirements and maintained operable;

• KhNPP cooperates with main and redundant emergency response centers of NNECG Energoatom, NPP interaction and support center;

• KhNPP cooperates with state regulatory authority for nuclear and radiation safety, civil protection authorities of executive committee of Netishyn local council, Civil Protection office  of Khmelnitsky and Rivne regional state administrations, Head office of State Emergency Response Service at Khmelnitsky and Rivne regions, Netishyn hospital and Netishyn local police office;

• maintain operable and improve system of collection, processing, documenting, storage, display and transfer of data about KhNPP status to notification and communication systems;

• set up and maintain available material reserve and emergency kits in sufficient time: instrumentation and equipment,  personal protection equipment, decontaminants and detergents, tools and appliances, and other emergency equipment;

•    Emergency units for civil protection have been set up  from among emergency personnel; there are 23 emergency groups and brigades;

• emergency personnel is being continuously trained at KhNPP; emergency exercise is organized, exercise methodologies and programs are developed;

• regulatory, organizational, and technical documentation  on emergency preparedness and response is kept  updated at KhNPP;

• rights and social safeguards are ensured in compliance with the Law of Ukraine.