Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preperedness

Emergency preparedness and response system is in place at Khmelnitsky NPP to respond accidents and emergencies. Emergency preparedness and response system (EPRS) is a package of hardware and resources, administrative, radiation and hygiene measures fulfilled by KhNPP management and personnel to achieve emergency response objectives.   One of these measures is to prevent or reduce radiation exposure to personnel, public and environment in case of accident and emergency at KhNPP.

KhNPP emergency preparedness and response system consists of the following:
regulatory framework of KhNPP EPRS;
• Emergency Plan;
• Emergency response units аварійні організаційні структури;
• emergency response equipment;
• personnel training and emergency exercise system;
• off-site teamwork system.

KhNPP EPRS is a part of integrated national system of civil protection of public and territories. The system allows to maintain required level of emergency preparedness and provides for response to accidents and emergencies including actions pertaining to the protection of plant personnel, public and environment.

Emergency Preparedness
Response to Accidents and Emergencies
Protection of Personnel and Public

Emergency Plan
Organizational Structure
Preparedness of Personnel