Fire Safety

7th State Fire and Rescue Brigade

Khmelnitsky Nuclear Power Plant is a complex process enterprise from the point of view of nuclear, radiation, technological, and fire safety, etc.
Khmelnitsky NPP facilities are protected by the 7th State Fire Brigade with the stuff numbering 134 people. The 7th State Fire Brigade is equipped with 24 vehicles, including:

• 11 main fire-fighting vehicles;
• 10 special fire-fighting vehicles;
• 3 auxiliary vehicles.

The fire brigade staff is fully equipped with fire-fighting suits, fire-fighting equipment, state-of-the-art communication devices, and 120 breathing apparatus (RA-94) with operation time of 90 minutes each. The fire brigade staff has all required conditions for training and performing their duties as well as for carrying out fire prevention activities at KhNPP facilities. Training ground, heat and steam camera, 100-metre obstacle course and training tower, foaming agent warehouse, shelter, carport (garage) for big and stand-by vehicles with equipped maintenance workshops, etc are in place on the territory occupied by the State Fire Brigade.
Taking into consideration the layout of KhNPP reactor buildings as well as specific features of fire extinguishing at NPPs, the 7th State Fire Brigade is equipped with different equipment including cranked hoisting device “Chella” with the hoisting height of 55 m used for conveying fire-fighting equipment, the staff, fire-fighting agents to the roofs of Turbine Halls, Reactor Auxiliary Buildings, etc, pump and hose vehicle for intake and supply of water from open and closed water sources (piers are equipped at the open intake and closed discharge canals), special mobile control station manufactured by PZPU “Irtysh” on the basis of tank T-62, and vehicle for survey made on the basis of armoured troop-carrier.
It’s worthwhile mentioning that high fire safety level of KhNPP facilities is ensured not only by alert preparedness of the State Fire Brigade but also by observing all fire safety regulations related to equipping fire and explosive hazardous works, normal operation rooms and safety system trains with reliable state-of-the-art equipment for active and passive fire protection, fire detection and fire fighting instrumentation, and application of fire-safe technologies.

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