Культура безпеки

Safety Culture Development

Regulations on nuclear and radiation safety define SC development as one of main objectives of the operating organization. Thus, KhNPP management gives much consideration to this area of activities.
KhNPP carries out SC development activities according to KhNPP Specific Action Programme Aimed at Safety Culture Establishment and Development, which was developed with consideration of related NNEGC Energoatom Programme. The Programme is developed every two years. Input data for developing the Programme include results and findings of:
-    Internal and independent assessments of SC condition in KhNPP
-    Review of international and Ukrainian NPPs operating experience
-    Review of SC development proposals given by KhNPP employees

The Programme sets organizational and engineering measures aimed at SC development and is structured in three parts:
-    Engineering policy for safety;
-    Management duties and responsibilities;
-    Personal responsibility and accountability of every employee.

KhNPP management reviews Programme results every half a year. Based on the results of the review, the Programme can be updated to ensure its high level efficiency.