Implementation of Safety Enhancement Measures at Khmelnitsky NPP

Over the period from 1987 till 01.02.2018 866 projects on upgrade and safety enhancement were implemented.

At the beginning of 2011 following works were completed in the frame of programs:

•  “Upgrade Program for Ukrainian NPPs with VVER-1000 (320) reactor installation”, part 2 (KhNPP-2), and part 3 (RNPP-4) - as per Program total amount of measures completed fort Kh2 is  147,  67 measures were completed in full prior to the commissioning, and 80 measures were completed after commissioning;
• "Concept of NPP Safety Enhancement" - as per Program 55 measures were completed for Kh1, 41 measures were completed in full, and 14 measures were included into CCSUP).

At present, Complex (Consolidated) Safety Upgrade Program for Ukrainian NPPs is considered to be main safety enhancement program.
To implement “Schedule of CCSUP measures” “KhNPP Investment Program for measures related to “Safety Enhancement, Lifetime Extension, Modernization” for 2017” has been developed.

Safety enhancement