Safety Enhancement

Starting from the 80-ies of the previous century the following safety enhancement programs have been developed and implemented for nuclear power plants:

1. «Integrated safety improvement measures for VVER and RBMK reactor type power units in Ukraine» SМ-88 and SМ-90.
2. “Safety enhancement program for VVER-1000, 440 reactor type NPPs", 1994.
3. «High-priority activity program of safety enhancement for VVER-1000, 440 reactor type NPPs», 1994.
4."List of safety enhancement measures for VVER-1000(320) reactor type NPPs in Ukraine", 1999.
5. «Program of high-priority safety enhancement measures for Ukrainian NPPs», 1999.

In December 1997 Ukraine ratified Convention on Nuclear Safety. The following has been developed and implemented to fulfill provisions of Convention on Nuclear Safety:
“Integrated Safety Upgrade Program for Ukrainian NPPs”, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 29.08.02 № 504–r.
Once the period of validity of “Integrated Safety Upgrade Program for Ukrainian NPPs” was over, in 2005 «Concept of NPP Safety Enhancement» approved by the Cabinet of Minister of Ukraine dated 13.12.2005 № 515–r was developed and enacted.
The validity of “Concept of NPP Safety Enhancement” was over in 2010.
Enhancement of safety and upgrade of Kh2 and R4 have been carried out over the period of 2004-2009 as per “Upgrade Program for Ukrainian NPPs with VVER-1000 (320) reactor installation”.
“Upgrade Program for Ukrainian NPPs with VVER-1000 (320) reactor installation”, part 2 (KhNPP-2), and part 3 (RNPP-4), group 1 (safety enhancement measures)
This Program for Kh2 and R4 was funded by EBRD/EA loans according to Memorandum of understanding on the Closure of Chernobyl NPP signed between the G7, European Commission, and government of Ukraine in December 1995.  “Upgrade Program…” has been completed.  Final report on the completion of upgrade program at Kh2, R4 was agreed by regulatory authority of Ukraine on 09.2010. Experts of international organization “RISKAUDIT” evaluated positively the status and completeness of Program measures.
Complex (Consolidated) Safety Upgrade Program for Ukrainian NPPs (CCSUP) has been developed in the frame of fulfillment of long-term state strategy on safety enhancement at power units of NNEGC Energoatom. The program has been approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, ref. №1270 dated 7.12.11.

Implementation of Safety Enhancement Measures at Khmelnitsky NPP

CCSUP Measures

Implementation of measures on safety enhancement, reconstruction and modernization in 2015-2016

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